Considering an Insulin Pump?

Considering an Insulin Pump?
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Have you ever considered switching to an insulin pump? Switching from insulin injections to an insulin pump can be a daunting time for people.

This course provides an introductory guide aimed at people with diabetes considering switching from injections to an insulin pump. The topic list (to the right) will give you an idea of all the information covered.

This course:

Is for anyone who has insulin-treated diabetes and is interested in finding out more about insulin pump therapy

Will take no more than 30 minutes to complete

Can be completed at your own pace and doesn’t have to be in one sitting

If you and your diabetes team have decided an insulin pump is right for you, check out the ‘My Insulin Pump‘ course on our homepage for a practical guide to using an insulin pump.

Our goal is to help you confidently manage your diabetes and make decisions that result in the best possible health outcomes. Please note all forum comments are moderated.

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